Cargo Trikes

Cargo Trikes p.o.a
Hundreds of potential uses present themselves for our adaptable high payload, easy access and flexible weather-proofing which makes our Cargo Trike the ideal choice for urban delivery and carriage applications.

Cargo1 Cargo2Bikes are often faster than vans in town centres, and with freedom from parking restrictions, fossil fuels, driving licence and road tax, the Mudguard Cargo Trike is a clear winner.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will build your own bespoke trike to do whatever you want it to. Carry payloads up to 250kg – to handle all your local transport or trading outlet requirements.

Some example uses:
Goods transfer / Environmental waste movement / Mobile or retail outlet / Indoor use / Courier service / Low noise applications / Film sets.

Indeed virtually anything that you need to move economically and effectively. Check out our Photo Gallery to view our extensive range of designs  for these very versatile trikes.

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